Mr Anil Jain                Mr Kulwant      Bhatia                                                                                                            Mr Ravi Lohia

M/s Anil Transport     M/s Antulal and sons     M/s Rajnandgaon petrol                                   M/s Oswal Highway service       M/s Govindram Hanuman  

Jabalpur Territory       Raipur Territory                Raipur Territory                                                    Raipur Territory                                Indore Territory       

SMS sent – 1847           SMS sent – 560                   SMS sent -289                                                        SMS sent -928                                   SMS sent-336             

(1St in WR )                   (2nd in MP&CG)                  (3rd In MP&CG)                                                     (1St in WR )                                         (2nd in MP&CG)

Pinelabs Automatio Pinelabs Automation      Pinelabs Automation                                          NCR Automation                              NCR Automation



Dear all,


Today, in MP & CG,   we have reached the score of  151  Automated Ros. This would have been very difficult without your active involvement & able support from the Automation Engineer, all SOs, EOs, FSOs &Vendors. I  take this opportunity to Congratulate you all  on this achievement .  Having reached this stage,   we must now  start   using   Automation as a marketing tool to differentiate for  fuelling experience at  BPCL ROs  to win customer’s loyalty and increase our sales.  


You will all remember that in pursuit of offering the best to our valued customers and to support our promise of PFS assurance through technology, BPCL started automating select Retail Outlets in 2006.While automation of Retail Outlets gave our dealers the technology edge in managing stock sales, data analysis, improved forecourt efficiency.


As you are aware Retail Automation helps integration of all the equipments present at the retail outlets through an architecture to have a comprehensive view of fuelling along with consolidated sale and stock at any point of time.


It is very important for us to regularly communicate to our customers on the forecourt as well outside about what is there in it for them so that they realize the value of Automation


Benefits to customer.



    Q&Q assurance of the product delivered tank stock & dispenser deliveries are


     System generated quick bills for each transaction.No scope for manual billing/over   

    charging and associated frauds.

     Seamless integration of billing with fuelling.Bill generation takes place only

    after fuelling with actual delivered qty & amount.

     Proof of service: Rate,Qty, Amount, Time, Vehicle No., Staff  name being captured : 

    Customer can track back any transactions.

     Reduction in overall fuelling time cycle.

     Auto SMS: Customer will receive system generated receipt if data base is available.



On the feedback received from you all, we have decided to start this Newsletter for our Automation Club ROs to give you regular update in the field.


Every month we  propose  to publish this newsletter through mail,  giving  details of new initiatives happening in the Automation field and also highlighting the efforts of the ROs which have begun to use it as a marketing tool. The newsletter will also be circulated to all senior officials in the Region including General Manager (Retail) West.


It is proposed to select the ROs in the following categories:


1)     SMS alerts to the customers- Brass Pine labs and Brass NCR -The  RO in which the SMS generated to the maximum and no of SMS sent to the customers will also be mentioned.

2)     How to use Automation as Marketing Tool as well as unique selling point.




Some of our dealers have been consistent making use of the sms alerts facility . Mr Anil Jain from Jabalpur who has consistently recording highest no. of sms in WR  confirmed having got an additional increase in sales of 5-10% and acquisition of new customers which has happened  by word of mouth.All we need to do is to update the customer database in the back office computer at the RO and speak to your SO/EO for any clarification


I would like to conclude it by quoting a famous quote,:


“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word—-excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”



Lets begun to enjoy the world of Automation and start using it as a tool to differentiate & increase the sales.


Wishing you all the best!


Please feel free to communicate for any suggestion/feedback and also initiatives taken by you in Automation at .




Sandeep Kalra


Area Marketing Manager (MP & CG)


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